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Why Smith & Fraser Storage?

Our spacious facility is conveniently located just minutes outside the university town of Antigonish and offers easy, drive-up access to secure, weather-proof storage containers.

Smith & Fraser Storage Containers

Safe & Secure

Designed to safely transport goods across oceans and rail lines, these containers are built to last. Solid hardwood floors, welded steel lock box, and a ventilation system keep your goods safe and secure.

Smith & Fraser Storage Solutions

Easy Access

Smith & Fraser Storage has forty foot containers with doors on both ends – providing you with easy access for storing bulky or cumbersome items. The weatherproof double doors provide unrestricted access to the inside and our ample facility allows you to drive right up to either end of your container.

Smith & Fraser Storage Solutions

Big Storage, Little Footprint

Each of our forty foot containers have an interior storage space measuring 39′ 5″ long by 7′ 8″ wide – that’s over 290 square feet of storage! The eight foot, nine inch ceilings provide you with lots of head-room and the ability to safely store vehicles, appliances, and furniture.

Smith & Fraser Storage - 5085 Lower South River, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Convenient Location

Smith & Fraser Storage is located just outside of the Town of Antigonish, home of St. Francis Xavier University on the grounds of Smith & Fraser Homes. Our large paved lot is open 24 hours a day and accommodates everything from the family mini-van to long-haul trucks.

Rent On-Site

Have a container delivered to your location for on-site use. Perfect for providing a temporary, safe, weather-proof storage solution for construction sites, home renovations, and seasonal functions. Contact us today for details.

Smith & Fraser Storage
Smith & Fraser Storage
Smith & Fraser Storage

20′ High-Cube

140+ square feet of storage
Generous 8′ 9″ height

40′ Containers

290+ square feet of storage
Ample 7′ 9″ height

40′ High-Cube

299+ square feet of storage
Generous 8′ 9″ height

Purchase a Storage Container!

Choose the permanent solution, purchase a Storage Container and have it delivered to your location. Once on site you can modify your container to suit your needs or we can provide customized options for you. Whether it be storage, a workshop, or some configuration of more than one; the possibilities are endless. Contact us today for details.

Type Height Square feet of storage
20 ft High Cube 8’9″ 140+ square feet of storage
40 ft Containers 7’9″ 290+ square feet of storage
40 ft High Cube 8’9″ 299+ square feet of storage

Customize and Paint

Smith and Fraser can customize your container however you like. Inside and out, we can make your storage container so much more!

Smith & Fraser Storage
Smith & Fraser Storage
Smith & Fraser Storage
Smith & Fraser Storage


At Smith and Fraser, not only can we tailor containers sold by us. We can also customize units you already own!


Breath new life and usefulness into your storage solutions! Paint, electrical, door, windows! Contact us today!

Contact Smith & Fraser Storage Today!

We’ll be happy to book your storage unit or explore our pricing options with you by phone, email, or in person at our facility. Just take Exit 35 off the Highway 104, and take a left on the old highway towards Cape Breton.

Smith & Fraser Storage
5085 Taylors Road
Lower South River
Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
B2G 2L8

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